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Alteryx Data Installs

Alteryx Data Installs enable data artisans with the power to do demographic retrieval, geocoding, drivetime analysis and display reference maps.

Available Data

The following datasets are free. Click the buttons to the right to download.

    US 2010 Census SF1

    Includes geographies and data from the 2010 United States Census. Use the Demographic Analysis tools to retrieve and append demographics to your data, reports and maps.

    USGS Reference Maps

    Reference map layers for North America. Create meaningful maps and visualize reference geography in the Map Input, Browse data and Report Map tools.

Installation Instructions

  • You will need administrative privileges to download the self-extracting exe file.
  • Save the exe file to a local directory.
  • Once downloaded, double click the exe and point to a sub-folder to extract its contents.
  • Click DataInstall.exe to run the Data Installer
  • Follow the prompts to install the data.
  • After installation, you can delete the downloaded and extracted files.