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Alteryx Analytics

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Software Downloads

Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server

Latest release: October 13, 2017

Alteryx Designer 11.5.1 Alteryx Server 11.5.1 View All Downloads

Alteryx Connect

Latest release: September 12, 2017

Alteryx Connect 1.0.1 Connect Loaders 1.0.1

Predictive Analytics Downloads

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Data Downloads

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The Alteryx Analytics platform includes the following products, features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Prior release notes can be found on the Previous Releases page.

For an overview of system requirements, see Technical Specifications.

Important reminder about upgrading Alteryx software: Your Alteryx license will continue to function when a new version is installed. No licensing action is needed.

Alteryx Designer 11.5

Key Features

SDK Support

Two new SDKs are now available:

  • The beta version of the HTML GUI SDK consists of a library of HTML widgets that can be used to create a GUI interface for configuring a custom tool.
  • The alpha version of the Python SDK is available with the Admin version of Alteryx, and can be used to create a custom tool with the Python programming language.

SDK documentation is available here.

New and Enhanced Data Sources

  • Snowflake is now supported for standard and in-database connections.
  • In-database support is now available for Pivotal Greenplum.
  • In-database support is now available for PostgreSQL. (Select Greenplum as the Data Source.)
  • Amazon Redshift Bulk connections and the Amazon S3 Upload tool now support SSE-KMS server-side encryption.

Tool Enhancements

  • The Visual Layout tool has been enhanced so that you can resize a chart, image, legend, or text reporting element after it is placed on the report page, and immediately visualize the change. Reminder: This tool is in the Laboratory category and is not for production use. It may have documented known issues, may not be feature complete, may not be backwards compatible, and is subject to change. Your feedback when using this tool is appreciated. Submit feedback here.

Other Enhancements

  • A new User Setting was added so that double-clicking Alteryx file types (.yxmd, .yxmc, .yxwz, .yxzp, .yxi) will open them as a new workflow tab within an existing Designer instance.
  • You can now access saved Oracle OCI and SQL Server ODBC connections when configuring In-DB connections.
Additional Changes

11.5 Stable Update - Release date October 13, 2017, version

  • Passwords are now properly masked in the Connection String field when adding an "Other" connection in the Manage Data Connections window.
  • An issue that caused Alteryx Designer to close when creating or editing schedules on a non-US Windows OS has been fixed.
  • The Example button in tool search results now properly displays the sample workflow when using a non-English Windows OS.

11.5 Minor Release - Release date August 15, 2017, version

  • The Explorer Box tool URL now defaults to the Alteryx Community.
  • Multiple one-tool examples were added:
    • Map Legend Splitter and Map Legend Builder (combined into one example)
    • Report Header
    • Report Footer
    • Render
  • The Data Cleansing tool has been enhanced to include non-Latin alphabet characters when removing letters.
  • Enhancements have been made to password support for Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle connections.
  • A new Message function and six new date/time functions were added.
  • VARCHAR(MAX) is now supported in SQL Server 2016.
  • You can now create tables via in-database in Hive if ORC is the default file format.
  • An issue where additional Japanese characters were added to Excel data has been fixed.
  • The Redshift Bulk Loader no longer removes “\” characters when reading in data.
  • Performance has been improved for the SharePoint List tools.
Known Issues
  • The Manage Data Connections window may display incorrectly when using the Medium display size in Windows.
  • If you select a Browse tool, the Profile tab might display “Please wait…Rendering” continuously. As a workaround, click on the canvas, and then select the Browse tool again.
  • If you install a localized version of 11.5 (French or German) alongside version 11.0 (English), version 11.0 will change to the localized language.
  • The "Add to Dictionary" option is not available with inline spell checking when the word is not recognized.
  • Weighted models for C5.0 decision trees in the Decision Tree tool are not currently available due to a bug in the C5.0 R package. The bug has been reported to the package owner and we hope to support weighted C5.0 models in the future.
  • If you select the SharePoint List Output tool “Append Existing” or “Delete List and Append” option, records are processed in batches of up to 40 records at a time. If a batch exceeds the SharePoint size limit, or there is a problem writing a record in the batch, processing will stop and an error is generated. An error can apply to any of the records processed in the batch up to the point of error.
  • The Results window may not show the in progress messages log the first time a workflow is run.
  • When creating a new Microsoft SQL Server connection for in-database predictive functionality:
    • Passwords containing a semicolon (;) are not currently supported.
    • The user-specified Connection Name (in the Manage In-DB Connections window) must match the data source name (in the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator).
    • You must specify a User Name and Password in the SQL Server ODBC Connection window.
  • When adding an “Other” connection type in the Manage Data Connections window, the Other Database Connection window may disappear when clicking the Connection String drop-down. If the window disappears, you can still select a database type for the connection string.
  • If you click Cancel while a workflow is currently saving to a Gallery on Alteryx Server, the save operation may still complete. You will need to manually delete the workflow from your studio.
  • When saving credentials for your default gallery, the credentials may not persist the next time you run Designer. As a workaround, enter the credentials again with “Keep me logged in” selected.
  • When creating a new Oracle connection via Manage Data Connections and using the Oracle instant client install process, the Type dropdown may not show options. As a workaround, use an Input Data tool to create the Oracle connection.
  • The interactive report from the TS Plot tool can give incorrect Seasonplot values. The correct values can be seen in the static report.
  • The Cross Validation and Model Comparison tools on the Predictive District of the Gallery are not compatible with the Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, and Decision Tree tool versions released with Alteryx 11.0. As a workaround, change the tool version to 1.0:
    1. Right-click a Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, or Decision Tree tool.
    2. Point to Choose Tool Version and select version 1.0.
  • Decision Tree models using the C5.0 algorithm cannot be used with the Score tool.
  • The Decision Tree tool's interactive report ("I" output) does not support the use of cross-validation. To use cross-validation, view the static report ("R" output).
  • The .zip format is not supported on the Gallery when chosen through a File Browse question.
  • In the Alteryx Geocoding App (found under Options > Run Analytic Apps), the interactive mode does not work for editing unmatched addresses. To work around this issue, select “Do not allow Interactive mode” on the Geocoder Options tab. If you have “Match and geocode” enabled, you can identify addresses that didn’t get an exact match by checking your results for records where the GEO_MatchStatus does not equal “Exact”.
  • The Alteryx interface and installation dialogs may not display correctly on machines using a Windows Classic/Standard/Basic theme. To work around this issue, switch your Windows theme. Note that the Windows theme cannot be changed on Virtual Machines.
  • Packaged (.yxi) tools downloaded from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery with Internet Explorer are saved as .zip files by default, thus preventing Alteryx from recognizing these files. As a workaround, change the extension to .yxi before downloading (using the "Save as" option) or after downloading.
  • If you upload a workflow to the Alteryx Analytics Gallery containing an Optimization tool configured in “Specify the model from a file” mode, the file path asset is not uploaded. Use the following workaround to upload the asset:
    1. Click the canvas to open workflow configuration properties.
    2. Within the Events tab, click Add > Run Command > Asset(s) tab > Add File(s).
    3. Browse to the optimization model file, and click "Open".
    4. Click the Event tab, and then click "OK".
    5. Select the Optimization tool.
    6. Under “Select file”, modify the path as follows:


  • In the Simulation Sampling tool configuration, fitting to a pareto distribution and fitting non-count data to discrete distributions can result in an error.

Alteryx Server and Gallery 11.5

Key Features
  • TLS 1.2 support has been added for secure HTTPS communication between Designer and Server/Gallery.
Additional Changes
  • The Gallery API keys and secrets, as well as the studio subscription key, have been moved to a new Keys tab on a user’s Settings page. For more information on using the Gallery API, go to the interactive API documentation site.
  • Password requirements have been added to Gallery Administration for the creation of new users when using built in authentication.
  • The Alteryx Server Usage Report now completes significantly faster in most customer environments. Go here to download the new version.
  • The Jobs screen now displays the correct number of running or queued jobs on the server.
  • The View Schedules window no longer displays minus signs for sections that have not been expanded to view more details.
Known Issues
  • When testing a new Oracle connection via the Gallery Admin panel, you may see the error “System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater” despite possible valid connection parameters. As a workaround, try testing the connection in Designer:
    1. On the Alteryx Server box, launch Alteryx Designer.
    2. Go to Options > Advanced Options > Manage Data Connections > Add Connection > Oracle.
    3. Specify the connection parameters and click "Test". If the test is successful, you may ignore the error in Gallery. If the test fails, contact your database administrator to verify your connection parameters and, if necessary, install the Oracle drivers on Alteryx Server.

Alteryx Connect 1.0

Important: Alteryx Connect is an add-on to Alteryx Server 11.3 (minimum) and must be installed on a separate node. Run the separate Connect Loaders installer as administrator on the same machine as Alteryx Server. To install Alteryx Connect, see the Alteryx Connect Help.

Key Features

Alteryx Connect is a social and data exploration platform that enables you to discover and understand relevant data assets.

Finding Sources

  • Administrators can easily deploy and manage Connect loaders against data sources.
  • Loaders can be run on a repeating frequency for dependable updates using Alteryx Server.
  • Alteryx Connect respects existing policies and controls around data sources.

Exploring Context

  • Users can search for data assets using a simple, unified interface.
  • Nexus provides an interactive, graphical view of connectedness and dependencies.
  • Navigate assets from single fields to high-level business concepts.

Social Discovery

  • A business glossary provides a user-friendly, interactive hypertext editor for consistent, linked definitions.
  • Users can engage in conversations with subject matter experts to discuss data assets.
  • Users can promote content and assets using social signals, improving the findability of data assets for future users.
Additional Changes

1.0 Stable Update - Release date September 12, 2017, version

Important: For compatibility, update both Alteryx Connect and the Connect Loaders to version

  • Web access to Alteryx Connect internal metadata storage on ports 8082 and 9092 is now disabled by default. Administrators can manually enable this access to review Alteryx Connect usage information. For more information, see the Alteryx Connect Help.
  • Files can now be certified the same as other data sources.
  • An error when running the Alteryx Loader has been fixed.
  • Minor interface and link issues have been fixed.

1.0 Major Release - Release date August 15, 2017, version

  • Initial release
Known Issues
  • The Connect Loaders 1.0.1 version number shown in the installer screens and Programs and Features list in Windows is v1-17-2-6-15_812a8609. The actual version number is
  • If Alteryx Server is installed in a directory that is not named “Alteryx,” (for example, C:\AlteryxABC), the Alteryx Connect Loaders cannot run properly. As a workaround:
    1. Close Alteryx Designer.
    2. Go to Alteryx Server installation path\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins and copy directories ConnectJsonBuilder and ConnectOutput.
    3. Paste the directories to Alteryx Server installation path\bin\HtmlPlugins.
    4. Restart Alteryx Designer.

Compatibility Policy

Alteryx makes every effort to ensure that workflows created in one version will continue to work as expected when you install a newer version of the software. However, workflows created in a new version may contain features or functionality not present in earlier versions. For this reason, workflows created on a new version of Alteryx cannot be opened using a version with an older (lower) version number.

We recommend that organizations wait to perform a version upgrade when all users who collaborate together are ready to make the upgrade. Alternately, users who wish to install more than one version of Alteryx on a single machine can make use of Admin/ Non-Admin installations.

Version Support Policy

Alteryx, Inc. supports the most recent major release and associated minor releases and stable updates, along with the immediately preceding major release and associated minor releases and stable updates.

A major release includes new functionality not present in a preceding release. A minor release includes tweaks to existing functionality and new functionality.

Currently supported versions: Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server


Currently supported versions: Alteryx Connect